Century Beverage Co., Ltd is one of the leading FMCG distribution and brand building company in Myanmar. Established in 2010 with headquarter in Yangon, Myanmar. We have over 1,000 employees, then continuously investing in technology for sales management system and the whole supply chain.

Currently we are covering over 50,000 outlets with our direct sales forces. We also have our own on ground marketing team, creative team and media panning team for building the brand.

Whatever people love about food and beverage, we aim to ensure they can trust us in a way that’s beneficial to them. Our distributed product cover on whisky, rum, wine cooler, premium wine, ready to drink tea, juice, energy drink, condense milk and evaporated milk product.

Our house brand is GLAN MASTER whisky, KINGDOM whisky, CAPTAIN rum and ZENO ready to drink beverage. Our agency brand is CARABAO energy drink, FULL MOON wine cooler, Penfold’s Australia wine, Cono Sur’s Chile wine, Martini Italy wine, Bardinet’s French wine, Sandara Spanish wine, OISHI beverage, Friesland Campina’s condense milk and evaporated milk.

Our Development


CENTURY BEVERAGE was established at the end of Year 2010. GLAN MASTER was produced distributed in Myanmar as the standard local whisky.


Signed the MOU for contract manufacturing for Bag Piper Whisky with UNITED DISTILLERY (India). At the same year Kingdom Whisky was produced for selling at the economy local whisky segment.


Full Moon Sparkling wine cooler from Thailand and ZENO Drink from Vietnam was added in our company portfolio. It makes CENTURY become more diverse on the beverage category.


Century Beverage was appointed as sole distributor for CARABAO ENERGY DRINK. CENTURY BEVERAGE.


We stepped in to the Wine business by adding Penfold’s (Australia Wine), Cono Sur (Chile Wine), Few Chateau wines and Lamothe Parrot (French Wine)


Century added Martini Sparkling wine and Martini Vermouth. It make Century become stronger in HOREKA channel and launch the Captain spied rum at the same year.


We enter the milk product market with condense milk and evaporated milk from Friesland Campina Co., Ltd